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Prices effective from 21 October 2019. GST included.

Air Experience Flights and Introductory Packages

Air experience flights (AEF) and introductory packages can be purchased either via a gift voucher or by paying cash on the day you fly.

Standard AEF $250.00 Approximately 20 minutes, depending on conditions
Extended AEF $300.00 Approximately 30 minutes, depending on conditions
3 flight package $400.00 3 flights on the same day, depending on conditions. You will start learning to fly.
10 flight package $1100.00 10 flights within a 3 month period. Includes 3 months membership of the GFA and the club and a log book. Not enough to go solo without prior experience but you should be well on the way!

Launch Fees

Launches are by aerotow only and are charged by height in increments of 100 ft. $49.40 to 2000 ft plus/minus approximately $1.63 per 100 ft up to 4000 ft then plus $3.29 per 100 ft above 4000 ft.

Glider Hire

Club gliders are hired at a rate per hour (charged by the minute) capped at 4 hours of each flight. Bulk flying is available to members for an annual charge equal to 15 hours at the Discus 2B glider rate after which flights are charged at 25% of the rate for the glider being flown for unlimited hours within the current financial year, also capped at 4 hours per flight. Private gliders are not cross-hired.

Training gliders (Puchacz)$60.00/hr
Discus 2B$67.00/hr
Duo Discus$72.00/hr

Visiting pilots from other clubs pay the same flying fees as members. Overseas pilots must join the GFA before any flight in a glider. (This can be arranged at the club). Friends and family of club members pay club rates + the GFA Introductory Membership ($40.00) if required.


Instruction is free - you only pay for the launch and glider hire.

Membership      Click here to apply to join the club

The club membership year is July to June. If you join part way through the year, a pro-rata scale is used. You also need to join the Gliding Federation of Australia but there is a link to their membership page when you join the club. GFA membership is 3 months (once only) or 12 months, starting at any time of the year.

Full (annual)Young adult3 month

Complete the GFA membership application at GFA membership application. This page also includes the various GFA fees.

Other fees

Annual hangarage$640 (members only)
Casual hangarage$10/day
Powered aircraft fee$245/year (members only)
(in addition to hangar fee if in hangar)
Caravan site$182.00 (members only)
$20.00 per night casual visitor camping
Bunkhouse accommodation$25/night
$15/night to maximum $210/year for club members
Free on weeknights for club members.
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