Mailing lists

Discussions allow anyone on the list to send one email and have it copied to everyone. Discussion lists are "locked down" so that only members of the list can post to it. This will eliminate all spam and most viruses. The exception is for viruses that "spoof" the email headers and send mail that appears to come from someone else. We would be unlucky if a virus happened to send an email to the list AND picked a list-member's address as the "from" address.

We used to have a "green ball announcement list" but that was discontinued when the blog was created.

Click on the list name to access the subscribe/unsubscribe page.

Discussion Lists
Members* For general discussion among club members. Will also be used to distribute official and emergency notices (eg. "No flying tomorrow.")
Committee Committee members only
Instructors Instructors only
Tuggies Tug pilots only

* Members with an official capacity should subscribe to both the general members list and their specific list. The options page in any list will allow you to manage multiple list subscriptions and view archived discussions.


Contact the web master if you want to have your own mailbox at This mailbox can be accessed via WebMail and/or your normal email program. Alternatively, you can have an address at forward to your current mailbox. We will hopefully be doing this for positions like President and CFI.

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